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How You Can Help

We welcome your collaboration in developing and maintaining 1) the full-text, digital collection of newspapers in the Catholic News Archive and 2) the Directory of Catholic Newspapers Online, which provides links to Catholic newspapers available online at other sites. Catholic sources of news, opinion and information published in North America such as news wire bulletins, news magazines, and newsletters, as well as diocesan, lay and student newspapers, are in scope.

Proposing a paper for inclusion in the Catholic News Archive.

  1. Start by checking the Papers of Interest. Is your paper already listed? It may be in the Archive, in process, or have been suggested by digitizing partners. Ask Todd Jensen, Project Manager, Catholic News Archive, or Jennifer Younger, Executive Director, CRRA, for a status report, especially ways in which we need help to accelerate progress, such as supplying film or digital files.

  2. If your paper IS NOT listed, contact Todd, Project Manager, Catholic News Archive, and/or Jennifer. Let us know your interest. Do you have the paper on paper, film, PDFs or digital files? Is the paper currently available online, and if yes, where? What about possible financial support? We will start a conversation on what the next steps might be and how you might help.

  3. If you have or are digitizing a Catholic newspaper, contact Todd or Jennifer for discussions on adding your paper. Selection information is available in Resources and Best Practices for Digitizing Newspapers. If you are interested in developing a grant proposal, we can furnish information on specifications, digitizing costs, vendors, workflow and provide an established platform to host the content. We will collaborate in crafting and reviewing the proposal with a view particularly to the reasons why digitizing Catholic newspapers is important and the impact of an aggregated freely-available digital collection as seen in user success stories and usage data.


Adding a paper or new information to the Directory of Catholic Newspapers Online.

The Directory of Catholic Newspapers Online is a frequently used reference source of papers already online in one or more places. To add papers, send the metadata to Breanne Clark. Please include the following:

  1. Title (including "The" if it part of the official title)
  2. City and State where published
  3. Publisher
  4. Dates of years available online
  5. URL to the resource (If more than one URL, the second URL will go into the notes as indicated in #6 below.)
  6. Notes about the paper; online availability in other places, with the URL(s) of those resources

Example #1:

  1. Pittsburgh Catholic
  2. Pittsburgh, PA
  3. Archdiocese of Pittsburgh
  4. March 16, 1844 to present
  6. Notes: The title link includes issues from 1844-2001. Online (version of paper covers issues from 2000-present. Some years are in the Catholic News Archive.
Example #2:
  1. The Aquinas
  2. Scranton, PA
  3. University of Scranton
  4. 1916 to present
  6. Student newspaper of the University of Scranton. Online editions available from 2013-present, print versions available from 2014-16. Archived editions of this student newspaper, including its predecessor from St. Thomas College, are available via the University of Scranton Archives.