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About The Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA)

The CRRA is a nonprofit (501c3) membership alliance of institutions collaborating to deliver projects and services in support of its mission "to provide enduring global access to Catholic research resources in the Americas." Our focus is creating access to those rare, unique, and uncommon research materials held by libraries and archives in North America, as well as implementing the Catholic Newspapers Program to provide access to all extant Catholic newspapers published in North America via the Catholic News Archive and other tools.

Our Vision, Mission and Strategic Directions are set by our member institutions:


The CRRA will foster a dynamic scholarly community by:

  • creating the freely available portal to Catholic research resources in the Americas, with attention to unique and uncommonly held materials;
  • developing the freely available digital newspaper collection in the Catholic News Archive;
  • making available an extensive range of subject guides exploring topics of Catholic interest;
  • sustaining the distinctive network of libraries, archives and other institutions that enable the vision; and
  • facilitating internationally the sharing of resources and scholarship.


The CRRA provides enduring global access to Catholic research resources in the Americas, beginning with access to the rare, unique and uncommon research materials.

Strategic Directions

The Three Year Strategic Plan (2019/20 – 2021/22) sets four goals:

  1. Enhance and improve our products and services by ensuring member and scholar usability.
  2. Focus activities to sustain and strengthen the financial and structural long-term organizational viability and growth.
  3. Increase membership development through recruitment, engagement and retention activities.
  4. Seek external opportunities for collaboration, partnership and increasing brand awareness.

Under each goal, the objectives are the basis on which strategies and actions are developed. Each year, the Board, committees and members develop their actions.

Annual Report

CRRA 2020-21 Annual Report (pdf): CRRA By the Numbers

CRRA 2019-20 Annual Report (pdf)